Whatcott updateCanada Border guards behave like homofascists

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Whatcott updateCanada Border guards behave like homofascists

Postby Bill Whatcott » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:38 pm


Dear Friends,

Monday morning was quite the interesting experience for me. I went to the Canada/ US border on Highway 15 to file a waiver application on the US side. The American side was very nice and helpful, no problems there. When I came back to the Canadian side things got more interesting and in my view went down hill. At least one could say things went down hill if they value liberty and a government that respects the liberty of its people. I am certain the Ronan Ogers, George Smithermans and Doug Elliots of this world are delighted with how the Canadian government is treating social conservative activists these days.

When I got back to the Canadian side they knew I was only at the US border office for twenty minutes to file paper work and that I never even entered the United States. Still I got flagged (as I always am when I return to Canada from anywhere) for secondary screening.

Normally, when I am "flagged" at the airport, one border guard interviews me and they are always interested in my books and like to go through my suitcase. I don't usually mind as the process takes about an hour and I have a captive audience of one guard to preach to. A female border guard called my secondary screening "routine" on Monday but everyone present knew it wasn't. When my car was diverted to the CBS parking lot and I was directed to the waiting room, four guards surounded me with gloves on when I was standing at the counter. The other people in the waiting room were all staring at me. My phone was taken from me in the middle of a text and my pockets were emptied and my wallet and USB stick seized.

Four guards went through my car and a half hour or so into their search I observed one guard go into a room with my most excellent book "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals" by MassResistance.

http://www.massresistance.org/docs/issu ... -here.html

I also saw the guards go into their room with my laptop and the book I wrote "Born in a Gaveyard."


I was detained at the border for around three hours or so while the border guards went through my personal items, books, laptop, phone, etc.... The guards were quite secretive about what they were up to and why they were doing it. None the less, it is quite evident to me, my activism and speaking out publicly on the harm homosexual activism is causing our society and youth is what is behind this flagging and fascistic behaviour by Canada Border Services.

When I use to come back to Canada a few years ago the Canada Border Services never behaved this way. The federal Conservatives didn't like me much and a few of their politicians in Alberta said so much publicly, but their view was that I was simply a pain. They never bothered getting me flagged by a government agency and for the most part they never interfered with my flyers, protests, or comings and goings from Canada. We really can thank the Federal Liberals for this new "approach" to Christians they deem to be a threat. Indeed, my books and flyers threaten them more than Omar Kadr and his bombs.

The left does not like freedom. The left's misconception of freedom is really limited to a freedom to embrace self indulgence and irresponsibility. Real freedom of a sort they cannot control, such as freedom of speech and freedom of conscience is undermined when the left comes to power. I notice Christians are starting to wake up to the troubling trends in Canada of political oppression and religious discrimination. Sadly, for the most part it seems the Body of Christ has chosen as its strategy to just remain silent and hope that their silence earns them toleration for a little longer from the powers that be. I am not convinced this cowardly and poorly thought out strategy is going to bear much fruit in this life or the next.

In Christ's Service
Bill Whatcott

"When I thought, “My foot slips,” your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up. When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul."
Psalm 94:18-19
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